Velodrome: Chipping energy use

The effort may not receive a perfect 10, but it is an Olympian step in the right direction

National Geographic looks at how parts of the Olympics are chipping on providing cheaper, greener energy technologies and uses.

“Curved and cedar-clad, the Velodrome could be the star sustainability attraction of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Not only was the lovely $147 million structure built on schedule and on budget, but it is the most energy-efficient venue in Olympic Park.

“That’s important because while the athletes converging on England’s capital this fortnight go for gold, organizers had green in mind when they planned out how to power these games. From the start, when Britain made its successful bid in 2005 to host this year’s games, it placed environmental sustainability at the core of its campaign. It even agreed to allow an outside organization, the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 (CSL), to monitor its efforts. […]

“But there’s no question that organizers have cleared some high hurdles in their effort for a more sustainable Olympic Games,” the article says.

“Still, the organizers will achieve their goal of reducing carbon emissions—mainly through conservation measures. The Velodrome is a prime example.

“Because its concave roof resembles a processed potato chip, Londoners have nicknamed the building The Pringle. But there’s no fat inside. The fastest cycling track in the world will be 31 percent more energy efficient than required under the 2006 building regulations in place at the time construction was planned.”

Via Minyanville

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